Why General Education Is Important

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General education course can seem to be a little frustrating, as while we are completing these requirements, we are often limited from taking those courses related to our major. However, this is one of the primary reasons we need to take general education courses. From the purely academic standpoint, our general education courses prepare us for success in our future courses. This occurs as we learn or refresh our skills in courses such as accounting and mathematics. Additionally, we will spend many hours and many days researching and writing, this further enhances those skills, further preparing us for academic successes as we enter more advanced and major specific courses. This course specifically has forced me to go deeper or more in depth when conducting research. This is why general education courses are so important.…show more content…
This has been especially important to me as I have traveled in, visited, and lived in the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan since my military retirement just over two years ago, and all while being enrolled in college. Classes such as philosophy, politics, psychology, communications, and sociology have all helped improve and enhance my experiences living and traveling abroad. This includes enhancing my knowledge, understanding, and respect for different cultures and ethnicities, as well as having a better comprehension of how other societies function and operate. One of the most concepts that I have learned in this course is a greater gratitude for individual involvement in community and national social problems. However, I already had a good understanding in that area, but researching our final paper enhanced that appreciation for the responsibilities of involvement as an educated
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