Why Girls Mature Faster Than Boys Essay

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Social cognition is what has been noted and proven in the current world affair, it is found that many females and males find it hard to find themselves, whether internally or externally. In my constant observations, it is genuinely seen that the brain undergoes a major reformation during childhood. Improving brain connectivity is designed to give each human the best tools for survival in their environment. We will find this out by conducting a research around the city of Johannesburg and noting people’s actions by also giving out a questionnaire which will provide us with information on the judgement from different people in the city. We will carry out this research in a
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The reason why girls mature faster than boys is for two reasons. The first constructed point is genetics which can have an influence to an individual. And the second one is the surroundings of which they grow up in. Investigations have proven that a girl can develop their brains up to ten years earlier than boys. Everyone does have their reasons to question and some believe that girls do mature faster and most of them do believe. Many males would deny this research and would relate it to stereotypical facts.

I am conducting this research for my benefit to be able to know why is it that my brother and I are different even though we grew up in the same environment and are in each other’s presence on a daily but our actions and performances aren’t on the same level. This will help me understand the difference between a girl and boy. My Aim is to find out why is it that I was able to mature faster than him and he is older than me and also what can cause for this to happen and how it happens.
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