Why Goal Setting Is Important

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Goal setting is important in any area of life where you want success, and this includes career change planning. There are people who will avoid setting goals because either they think they can never achieve what they really want, or because they think they are no good at setting goals. The truth is that neither of these is true. Anyone is capable of achieving what they want, as long as they have the physical capacity, and anyone can learn how to set achievable goals. If it has not worked for you in the past, that may be because your goals have been unclear or unrealistic. Or perhaps they were just not motivating enough. If your goals are not motivating, it is going to be difficult to keep to your game plan. Your goals should get you out of…show more content…
Some people may give up on a goal because their actions are not producing the results that they wanted. This does not mean that your goal is unachievable, or you are not able to do it; it just means is that you need to adjust your actions. Creating smaller, easily achievable goals within a shorter time span can give you greater confidence to go for the larger goal. Before setting your goals, you need to take a good look at where you are right now. No-one plans a journey by starting from somewhere other than where they are, so you need to be very clear about the reality of your current situation. Awareness of yourself and your present situation will give you a good starting point for you to start setting clear, specific and actionable career goals that will move you forward from where you are right now. First of all, write down some notes about yourself. What are your values? What do you enjoy doing? What are your skills? How would your friends describe you? What were you doing when you felt most fulfilled and happy? What qualifications do you have? Understand who you are and what is important to

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