Why Going To College Is Important Essay

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Going to college is an important step to many different people for various reasons. Getting the education can open many doors to more of a comfortable lifestyle. You may not even begin to grasp the importance college plays in your life. Until you take that steps into reaching your goals in life. A college education can either mean the start of a new career, promote you in a position you are already currently serving, or even give you a sense of purpose. But is also important to stay focus and dedicated to achieving the goals you set for yourself. Choosing a major is an important part of going to college because you don’t want to waste time and money on a liberal arts degree. Also what you decide to major in will be a degree you hold for the rest of your life. It can also influence the career choices you have. Also if you choose too late it will take longer to graduate. The faster you…show more content…
But most people choose their majors for the wrong reasons. One of the many reasons a person would choose a major is income. With this problem you may not be happy with the career you end up with because isn’t something you enjoy. Another factor could be letting an authority figure influence you. Such as your dad being a doctor and he says that’s the best thing for you as well. Trying to stay on a path with your friends can also lead you to making a bad decision on your major. You are different be different! You have different interest, values, likes/dislikes, and different motivations. Another bad way people just hop into majors is choosing based off of a movie. For instance watching The Matrix and saying you want to be a computer engineer. I feel that nursing and sociology go hand and hand. Sociology is the study of how we interact with each other which is a necessary when you deal with patients every day, you gain new insight on patient’s lives, and help ensure better care to your
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