Why Grammar Is Important Essay

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Have you ever thought about the important role grammar plays in your professional career? In my professional career as a registered nurse grammar is very important. In Susan Adam article she proves why it is so important meanwhile in Kyle Wiens we see why it is important. I believe grammar is important in every professional career because if you do not communicate professionally then people will never understand what you are trying to say.
Due to the digital age everything we do is based on writing we communicated through writing with text messages. Grammar is important because it shows your level of professionalism and intelligence. (Wiens) Good Grammar is necessary for every job but especially for jobs that require grammar like reading a writing if your job requires reading and writing than good grammar is very important. Grammar is necessary for any job because now a days the most common methods of communication is text and talking if you speak and write like a two year old no one is going to take you seriously. (Adam) In order to get a
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A nurse needs to have good grammar in order to be well understood by others if you use slang while writing maybe a patient will not understand what you’re trying to say. Also when it comes to speaking in my profession you need to sound very professional otherwise it would sound as if you have no knowledge of what you’re speaking of whatsoever. When speaking to a patient you need to sound very professional and find the right words watch the audience your speaking to because not everyone understands the same way. Also editing skills are important because if you don’t write properly then a patient or the doctor will not be able to comprehend what it says so write out the whole word don’t leave it half way not everyone understands that. Use proper grammar at all times that way you will always have the right communication
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