Why Greenhouse Gases Are Harmful To The Environment

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Every single day, humans emit greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere. These gases keep Earth in a life-supporting temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius, but too much of these gases can also eradicate life too. Since the Industrial Revolution, greenhouse gas emissions have increased. The excess of these gases now become the causes of life-threatening problems. Excess of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is harmful to the environment because it causes global warming, increases the acidity of the ocean, and depletes the ozone layer.
First of all, greenhouse gases are harmful to the environment because it is the main reason why global warming is occurring. Global warming has been a major problem for years. When the Sun’s heat reaches Earth, some of the heat bounces back into
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Today, there is an excess of these heat-trapping gases. With more of these gases in the atmosphere, more heat from the sun is trapped, and therefore warming Earth’s surface. Greenhouse gases that occur naturally may include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, water vapor, and methane. For instance, the planet Venus has an atmosphere made mostly of carbon dioxide. As a result, heat from the sun is trapped in the atmosphere and making the planet really hot. Since 1880, the global temperature has been increasing. Many people know that the Earth is warming due to the greenhouse gases, and this is true. Although global warming increases the temperature of Earth’s surface, global warming does more apart from warming the Earth’s surface. It changes the climate, raises the sea level, affects the nutrition of plants, and causes more extreme weather. Some people believe that global warming does not exist. They believe that global warming is just a natural climate change that happens natural. It is easy to think that global warming is just a natural climate change, but when you look at the facts of the effects of global
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