Argumentative Essay On Why Do Group Projects Perish

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A youtuber, StraightADRI NoChaser, said: “I can’t stand group projects.” Group projects are assignments that require a team to work together and to divide work evenly to achieve the goal of a good grade, but group projects do not always work out. Group projects should perish because there and are always uncooperative group members, independent work is much more beneficial, and collaborative work causes too many distractions.

One reason group projects should perish is because of uncooperative members of the group. Uncooperative group members show no participation, they do not carry their load of work, and they cause a lot of stress. They do not participate by not showing up to meetings or even engaging in conversations. For example,
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Independent work teaches a student his/her limitations and their ability to manage them, it teaches students time management, it teaches students skills, and students mostly prefer independent work. A student knowing their limitations is very helpful, especially how to overcome them. For example, if a student knows that he/she has trouble with staying focus, then he/she can take six minutes breaks every forty minutes of work. 88% of students have time management problems. By working independently, students can work at their own pace without other students to rush them or slow them down. A student can also make a schedule fit for him/herself without the worry if the schedule is right for other students.In addition, independent work is much more beneficial than group projects because it teaches students cognitive skills that group project would not teach. Some cognitive skills students could learn are being able to construct informal rules for solving problems, classify objects, form hypotheses, and even being able to reason logically. Finally, according to Nirel Amoyaw’s survey on a Spanish class in the eighth block, about 91%of the class prefers to work alone, and only 9% of the class prefers working in a group. Studies show that doing something that you like, you are more likely to succeed in. Therefore, independent work is more beneficial than group

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