Why Gum Should Be Aloud In School

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For many people, chewing gum helps them do better in school which is why it should be aloud. Dr.Kenneth Allen showed through his research that gum helps your memory which makes you do better on your tests. The reasoning for this is that chewing gum helps to release insulin into the bloodstream which affects how well your memory works.Since gum chewing helps you brain think better and gives you better memory, kids should be allowed to chew it during class. Emma Greene stated that mental tasks are done 20% better when they chewing gum. The children who chew during their tests do 26% to 36% better..Seeing that gum chewing leads to a better understanding of learning and memory function, all schools should allow gum in school. Another reason why gum should be aloud in school is because it helps you relax during the tests.Evidence that shows that gum helps kids in school is that gum is helpful because the simple chewing motion can help you relax when taking a test in school. It also Chomping away boosts thinking and…show more content…
The Study of National Institute of Radiological Sciences shows that this study got some mainstream attention, it's findings of the cognitive changes caused by chewing gums were based on the sample size of just 17 test subjects. The primary claim of this study was that chewing gums can boost alertness by 10%.Stating that gum chewing made the kids concentrate more on their tests.This research published in British Journal of Psychology tested the, concentration, alertness,, and mood of subjects wh o took or did not take chewing gums before the 30-minute test. The study showed that chewing gum can briefly increase concentration, and focus.This shows how gum helps boost your alertness which helps you do better in school.Clearly chewing gum has many benefits like helping you concentration and therefore should make it be aloud to be chewed in
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