Why Gun Safety Is Important In The World

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GUN SAFETY People everywhere think that guns are the unsafe and dangerous part in the shooting world. When in reality it is not the gun it is the people that are behind or controlling the weapon. The nine year old girl in a outdoor shooting range was shooting with her parents and the instructor let her shoot a uzi 9mm submachine gun. When she picked up the gun she learned how to hold the gun and aim the gun. once she understood how to hold it and some what how to shoot it then let her shoot one round out of it. The single shot went good but in the vid you can see that the gun has a lot of kick for her little body. The instructor turned the gun on full auto and let her try that he would later regret that. Once she og a hold of the gun and had it on full auto she pulled the trigger. The gun was way too powerful for he little body and it flung out of her hands and to the left where the instructor was standing next to her. She still had her…show more content…
There is nothing wrong or bad about what he is shooting or shooting them with it is his actions that make this a great example of why gun control is soooo important in this world. He is shooting and his gun does not fire or what gun people call a hang fire. When this happens you are supposed to hold the gun pointed down range for a couple minutes and wait to make sure the firearm is safe to dechambre. Well this guy is not very good with gun safety he right away takes the gun puts it on it stock and looks right down the barrel to see if it jammed. The guy looks for a couple seconds and it goes off and hits his hat and skins his head. He lived but he for sure now knows that he was not being safe with his shotgun. (Hutchinson, John. "Gunman Shoots off His Own Hat after Staring down Barrel of Jammed Shotgun." Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, n.d. Web. 10 Feb.
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