Why Guns Is Bad

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In 1637 about 100 Massachusetts Bay colonists were ordered to surrender their “guns, pistols, swords, powder, shot & match”, said Barbara Mantel. In 1813, Kentucky and Louisiana became the first states to ban the carrying of concealed weapons. In 1986, the NRA scored a victory when President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Firearm Owners ' Protection Act. Currently about six states must have insurance on their gun. “Insurance will cover you if your home burns down in an electrical fire, but it will not cover you if you burn down your own house, and you cannot insure yourself for arson,” said Robert P. Hartwig,

Garen Wintemute had some very good points to back up his belief. He said “An estimated 478,422 firearm-related violent crimes occurred in 2011, including 11,101 homicides.” That 's a really good way to start of your statement. Is with a fact, and sounding strong. Another thing Wintemute did to make his article good is give his audience examples to support him. For example, he explains the process to get a gun and how it works. Stephen P. Halbrook did really good coming off strong in the very beginning. You can tell that with his first couple of sentences that he feels comfortable in what he believes in. Another thing he is straight forward in what he is saying. For an example he says “Criminals don 't register guns.” He goes right into a subject that citizens are concerned about,
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I think they both did a really good job defending their sides. One wasn 't better than the other one. My opinion in this topic is gun control needs to be better controlled. Just because a gun is registered to a person doesn 't mean it is for that person. People shouldn 't have guns in their house. It is not safe especially if the household is family oriented. If a child knows there is a gun in the house, he could try and grab it. Another situation can be that the spouse can be very abusive and snap. Guns shouldn 't be able to be sold out for anyone who 's passes a
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