Why Guns Should Be Allowed In Schools

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In the past guns were thrown out of school to create a different atmosphere, an atmosphere of learning and knowledge not centered around guns and violence, but as of late the gun free zones that are at our schools are making them targets for attacks. To remedy the issue of schools being attacked should teachers be firearms trained and armed in our schools? In this essay I intend to discuss whether guns should be allowed on school grounds if a teacher decides to conceal carry or whether schools should still remain gun free zones no matter what. By now, there should be enough evidence to state correctly that declaring schools “gun free zones” do not make them gun free zones. In fact, because the schools are gun free zones they can sometimes turn…show more content…
Allowing teachers to carry guns in school will not necessarily make school safer. There is always the possibility of a gun being found by a student and used inappropriately. Not to mention the fact that armed teachers who have taken a seminar or two are not trained officers; in a tense situation, they might make a fatal mistake. We don 't need more guns in schools. We need more empathy and compassion. We need to make dealing with mental health and keeping guns out of the hands of would-be criminals our main priorities in order to prevent these tragedies in the first place. Our first reaction shouldn 't be to meet violence with violence. Karen Feldscher the writer on the 1999 Columbine School Shooting wrote, “On April 20, 1999, two teenagers went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, and then killed themselves. The rampage at their Jefferson County school in suburban Denver left fifteen individuals dead and twenty-four wounded. Shocking the entire country, the Columbine school shooting prompted a nationwide focus on why school killings occur and how to prevent them, raising concerns about how violence in the media was affecting young people. Which also, tragically, prompted several copycat killings.” Teachers as well as students should be taught more about the importance of human life and less about taking life. Which is why guns should be kept off school premises, and instead have teachers and students take classes on how to deescalate a situation instead of how to get a perfect headshot or how to shoot on the run, instead we should try to raise more people like Tuff who actually care about human
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