Why Guns Should Be Banned Essay

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The number of incidents of gun violence last year in the United States was about 60,000. In recent years, the number of mass shooting has risen to about one mass shooting per day in the United States. The country is divided with some wanting to reevaluate our gun control laws and either ban or add additional regulations to the purchase of guns. Others say it is our right for Americans to own guns and something the founding fathers considered important to put in the Bill of Rights. The number of firearm sales has risen with the number of mass shooting many Americans question if banning guns or certain guns could help decrease the number of gun violence deaths. Before researching more in depth, I believe bad people do bad things and banning guns will not be effective in stopping it. Australia is a great example of a country banning certain guns and the crime and homicide rate have both …show more content…

Guns are more accurate, powerful, and faster than ever before and are nothing any of our founding fathers have ever witnessed. A semi-automatic gun can kill a lot of people in a short amount of time and it is hard to tell when someone is carrying a semi-automatic handgun. Making it easy to walk into public places and commit a mass shooting. Semi-automatic pistols are the leader in mass shooting weapons and many use them to commit crimes. A majority of these handguns are used for home defense and recreation. Pistols aren’t the only problem but automatic weapons are legal in only a few places and the United States is one of them. It is illegal to hunt with automatic weapons, they are only used for home defense and recreation. Is it worth keeping automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons for home defense and recreation when tens of thousands of people die each year from gun violence? Banning pistols could have the same effect as it did in Australia and reduce the crime rates and

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