Why Guns Should Be Banned In America Analysis

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Even though gun violence has always plagued humanity, authorities still fail to remove the dangerous equipment at hand. Of course, in the article “The solution to gun violence is clear” published in December 12, 2012, issue of The Washington post, opinionated writer Fareed Zakaria makes his claim on why guns should be banned in the United States. Although this is an interesting subject Zakaria is not very authoritative on his claim. He argues that there are too many guns, too easy to obtain, and the country’s “permissive laws” are making it worst for Americans. Zakaria writes about how much of a better difference the lack of access to guns, have in other countries to make his point. He points out the different issues in the country, mental…show more content…
Zakaria writes, “The United States could do better, but we take mental disorders seriously and invest more in this area than do many peer countries.” He then goes on to say “There will always be evil or disturbed people.” While Zakaria is correct that “There will always be disturbed people” his assertion is still difficult to accept. These “disturbed people” should be focused on, he fails to realize that the focus in other issues such as mental health issues could lead to a decrease in “gun violence” in the country. Gun issues cannot be the only issue focused on while there is other important issues to be dealt with also, like a mental disorder that cannot be avoided. Zakaria’s entire argument rest on the idea that “easy access to guns” are somehow more important than any other thing going on. Furthermore, by asserting that gun violence can stop, with more attention Zakaria forgets that that’s how gun violence…show more content…
Instead of sticking with his credibility and stating any good reasoning for his assertion, Zakaria quickly adopts a repeating tone. Ultimately, his plead to focus more on “gun violence” relies on weak assertions, and in complex analogies regarding the use of guns in the United states. While he begins by stating statistical values of gun violence in the country, Zakaria can’t seem to back-up the numbers, and the reasons the guns were used. In the end, by asserting that the main focus should be on gun violence and not other major issues, Zakaria undermines both the credibility and the effectiveness of his

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