Gun Violence In Schools Essay

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“Since 1990, there have been 22 shootings at elementary and secondary schools in which two or more people were killed” (Fox). These terrifying statistics plant fear in the hearts of parents and students alike. Children feeling unsafe in school disrupts their education and ability to focus on tasks. As well, there are many loopholes to gun purchasing restrictions in the United States. If a person served 11 months in prison, but not a year, they can still purchase a firearm with no problem. 36-49% of all American households own some type of gun. In Parkland, FL, seventeen people were killed by a man carrying an assault rifle. The school facility was not equipped to handle this assault weapon crisis, and as a result, many lost their lives. Guns…show more content…
Arming able faculty and staff with assault grade rifles to serve and protect the students of their school is the only viable solution to gun violence. Teachers cannot protect against the types of weapons that school shooters typically use unless they are equipped with the most lethal of guns. Instead of providing educators with the training and tools to teach against violent behavior, placing an army style weapon, such as an AR-15, in reach of potentially violent children and teenagers is a well-thought out and calculated suggestion. As well, to reinforce that violence and aggression will not be tolerated, children who exhibit such behaviors will have to sit in an isolated seat with a loaded gun pointed at their heads until they apologize for said behavior. The gun would constantly be loaded to show the idea that teachers have all the power in that situation. The government would distribute these weapons for first year teachers to practice with over the summer, and then they would keep the guns in a safe at the school during the night hours. Experienced teachers would have possession of the gun year-round, including vacations. Teachers will be required to pass basic training using pistol type weapons, but will not be directed in using their military-grade weapons, since they have the same basic construction as a
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