Why Guns Should Be Illegal

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Thesis Statement- Guns should remain legal because of use for hunting , self protection, and protection of others. Many people believe that America should outlaw guns, specifically “assault rifles”. Others such as the NRA believe America should arm more citizens and teachers. Guns should remain legal because of use for hunting, self protection, and protection of others. II. Body Paragraph 1 Many people view guns for nothing more than for war and for violence. They believe this because of what is seen on news and tv but do not realize they are used for hunters too. Many people believe hunters just kill animals for the fun of it. Yes , some hunters may hunt just to kill but many hunters have very high respect for the animal and that is the reason they use guns. Hunters use the guns to make a quick clean kill with as little pain to the animal is possible. Guns give the hunter the opportunity to make a clean kill from far away. If guns were made illegal for hunters then hunters would be forced to use more cruel methods such as spear, bow and arrow, or knives. Guns are one of the most humane ways to kill a animal. They even have special bullets to shoot threw the guns that expand on impact to make the kill even more quick and humane. With that being said having guns for hunting is very important for many people. III. Body Paragraph 2 The second reason we need guns is for self protections. Many people feel the need to keep guns on or with them to protect themselves. You

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