Essay On Why Guns Should Be Banned

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Regarding the statement that whether citizens in United States should own guns, some people would say that arming themselves can prevent tragedy from occurring, while others assume that owning guns has been caused some problems and risks of violent events yearly.I tend to agree that guns for citizens should be reasonably banned in United States because of to reduce deaths from shootings and feasible solutions of gun-banning life.
Guns in America has been already caused a large number of problems such as shooting and killing events. Guns are sometimes not considered as defending tools. Instead, they become dangerous toys and even for entertainment because some of youth consider that holding a real gun like characters in movies excites them. Some of them do not have the consciousness that guns can be factually used to kill livings. For example, 10TH April 2013, a six-year-old boy in the US has died by his four-year-old playmate. When the six-year-old victim was playing outside, his playmate playfully brought a
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The answers are controversial. Indeed, guns protect normal people from injury. If you are along at home and robbers and thiefs with invasive weapons and tools break into your house, at the time holding an gun must provide much courage you to threaten them away. Nevertheless, I insist that banning guns is the best choice and decision because there is an existing solution. Government can just ban guns of all of citizens. If so, people cannot use guns to shoot anybody and the whole society will be much saver and reassuring rather than scared of blooding and violent cases on which news always report. In addtion, emergence help should be available for twenty four hours in any places. Also,sometimes people who own guns like polices should be strickly monitored and manipulated in order to ensure their
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