Why Guns Should Not Be Allowed Guns In Campus

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Guns Should Not Be Allow In College Campus
Guns are particularly dangerous. They are more harmful and deadly than most other methods people try. We should not allow gun on campus because it can lead to reckless behavior, might cause lower enrollment due to safety expectations, it might lead to useless/accidental death, likely to increase in both homicide and suicides, and likely to increase the death of campus police officer.
Allowing gun on campus can lead to reckless behavior. For example, when a student get into an argument that lead to a fistfight one of them could bring out a gun to shoot and says it is self-defense that was not. It was just an argument that ought to have resulted to death.
Allowing gun on campus can lead to lower
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The presence of a gun makes an act of domestic violence much more likely to end in death. We need to ensure that college are a sanctuary untainted by gun violence. We believe gun do not make place safer people do. Students can be protected in campus in some other ways than being allow to carry gun. College should have more police officer to keep things safe. For the sake of people’s lives, guns should not be allowed on campus. We can all learn from people’s mistake. Let learn from colleges that allows guns in campus as a result, students have been killed for no reason, friends have been killed for just a mere confrontation, and police officers have been killed for doing their work. Those that have been killed are someone’s children, fathers, mothers, brothesr, and sisters. There death has cause so much grieve to their friends and family. I believe that no one want to lose their love ones from gun violence. Allowing students to carry firearms on college campus would likely compromise the lives and safety of innocent students, faculty, and staff. We can start by rectifying the problem and not adding to the problem of gun violence by allowing guns on
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