Why Handguns Should Be Unrestricted In Canada

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Handguns are restricted in Canada, as long as they have a barrel length of 4 inches or larger . Anyone can purchase a handgun after completing a firearms course, and you belong to a gun club. You are allowed to fire these weapons at a firing range, but not on private property. I am going to list a few reasons why handguns should be unrestricted in Canada. The first reason is, that you should be able to have fun without spending money. If you know someone that owns a piece of land, you should be able to shoot on it. As long as it follows the area you are allowed to shoot at and has a backstop. You cannot shoot any guns within city limits, you need to be in a rural place. You should not have to pay to have fun, like shooting at a shooting range. You have to pay to do that, so if you have land you can shoot there for free. You can just set up targets and shoot!…show more content…
You should allow handguns in a home, especially if you have stuff or people you would like to protect. For example, if someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night, you need to act fast.You can't go to the kitchen for a knife, instead turn to the side and grab your gun. Also, If a person is threatening to attack you, and they think you have a handgun, they will think twice about whatever they are going to do. You don't even need to pull the trigger. Just pointing at them will scare them enough to make them go away. Many people don't know that the RCMP does background checks on firearm owners daily. I believe with proper training and safety, handguns should not be restricted. In conclusion, handguns are used for fun and safety. Handguns are only tools. Guns don't kill people … People kill
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