Harriet Tubman An American Hero Essay

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As you have learned in the previous pages of this website, Harriet Tubman truly was an American hero. She not only helped slaves get to have freedom, but she helped as a nurse, cook, and spy for the Union Army during the Civil War. My thesis statement again is Harriet Tubman: Why She Was Named An American Hero. As you have learned through my website that the actions of Harriet Tubman truly make her an American Hero. Conflict and compromise were truly important in determining why she was named an American hero. Conflict was important because there was conflict on whether Harriet should be paid for her work as a nurse, cook, and spy for the Union Army. Many people did not like that she worked for the Union,because she was a woman and she was…show more content…
She saved over 1,000 slaves as a "conductor" of the Underground Railroad. She also saved many African-American soldiers as a nurse for the Union Army. She did this by using roots and plants that had healing properties. She learned about these roots and plants from her mother and father. Many people that lived in Harriet's day and age, truly loved what she was doing as a "conductor" for the Underground Railroad. People have written letters to Harriet her good works that she has done in life one of them is Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass said "The difference between us is very marked. Most that I have done and suffered in the service of our cause has been in public, and I have received much encouragement at every step of the way. You, on the other hand, have labored in a private way. I have wrought in the day – you in the night. I have had the applause of the crowd and the satisfaction that comes of being approved by the multitude, while the most that you have done has been witnessed by a few trembling, scarred, and foot-sore bondmen and women, whom you have led out of the house of bondage, and whose heartfelt, “God bless you,” has been your only reward." This quote also had to be put into consideration when determining in why Harriet was named and American hero. Once again Conflict and Compromise happened a lot in her life she never gave up her dream of helping people who severely needed it. Compromise and conflict were so
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