What Makes A Good President Essay

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Daniel Epperson
Polit 100
23, November 2014 Assignment #4
Essay Question #1-
When anyone in the world thinks of The President of the United States, you can’t help but think of the tremendous power that one person holds. Even with the separation of powers our government has in place, you have to account for the percentage of people who don’t understand how our government works therefore seeing the President as the face of our nation. This one man is responsible for millions of people. So what makes this one man into a remarkable president? My opinion, a lot of things: Is he an honest man with integrity? Does he think of others with equality? Can he be optimistic in times of despair? These are all questions of the president’s leadership, which is my first of three criterions for what makes a great president. The President has to be a man that can balance the institution of our government with strong morals, although some have had their morals in the wrong places. A good President has to have a stern belief in himself and his ideas in order to implement his visions. Harry Truman sums up what I mean by morals with a motto he kept in his head that read,” A leader needs a true heart, a strong mind, and a great deal of courage." A good leader can only and will make the decision that benefits the whole rather than the few.
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From Nixon’s Watergate Scandal to Clinton’s Sexual relations with a White House intern, what makes a bad president is all based on perspective. One of three criterions that makes a bad president to me is dishonesty. No one likes to be lied to of course, but when it’s the President of the United States, a man who is supposed to be morally incapable of dishonesty, it goes to a whole new level of a lie. Liars are considered untrustworthy, so how can an untrustworthy man lead the greatest nation to have ever been
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