Why Henry Ford: Who Is My Engineering Hero?

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Although most engineers will never become a household name no matter how revolutionary their system or technology may be, the engineer who is my hero has a following worldwide. Henry Ford is one of the outright greatest industrialists of all time. The brand he built using his assembly-line system revolutionized the automotive industry to such an extent that cars are still being built on the same basis. Subsequently, Henry Ford is the reason why I am at North Carolina State University to study industrial engineering and is my engineering hero. Truthfully, if it was not for Henry Ford and the company he started, I would not be an industrial engineering intent. I have always had a passion for cars and for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to design or help build them. As I got older, the process in which cars are being built interest me considerably. Industrial engineering would not be nearly as important to the process in building cars if it was not for Henry Ford. Another reason why Henry Ford is my engineering hero is because Ford Mustangs have always been my favorite car. Whether it is a nineteen sixty-four and a half jet black K-code first…show more content…
Without Henry Ford’s assembly line manufacturing process, the automotive and other transportation industries, appliance industries, food industries, electronic industries, and numerous others would be severely inefficient. Nevertheless, Henry Ford’s engineering feats go without recognition due to the simple fact that it has become such a commonality in our everyday life. He is my engineering idol due to how he revolutionized the worlds industry. If I can become half as successful as he was, I’d be able to say that I lived a successful
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