Why High School Students Should Go Straight To College

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After high school, millions of students start life without any higher education. Many students choose to work over college for many reasons. They either not ready or need to fiancially support their family. There has been debates on whether or not should high school graduates should go straight to college. Many agrues that college is a great investment for the student. While others agrues that college does not prepare for the real world. Students should go straight to college becasue it gives more job opportinities, a higher income now and longterm, and more skill and knowledge. Even since, United State econmy is improving, there are more job opportinities. But for those who graduate from college have a higher chance of going those job than those who did not. According to source 3, those who does not have a degree have 20% higher rate of unemplyment. This show that many students who did not went to college have a higher chance of not getting a job than those who have a bachelor. Some agrues that many people succeed without college degrees. In fact, those who went to college have higher employed rate and with a greater consistency.…show more content…
College graduates have lower proverty rates than who did not went to college. In source 4, it say that people who have a college degree are on a path of finanicial stability and success. This show that people who have a higher education make more money than those who did not in longterm. Many agrue that college graduates are having trouble to pay back student loan. However, many would eventually able to pay it back
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