Why High Schools Shouldn T Be Changed

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Imagine you’re a 13-year old football player at practice. It’s almost time to go home, but it’s 9:59, and you’re really tired. And you’ve still got a truckload of homework to do and dinner to eat, and it’s a nightmare. How did this happen? The answer: teens like you that stayed up all night. And now the school schedule has been shifted. Middle school and high school schedules shouldn’t be shifted, for several key reasons. One reason that schedules shouldn’t be changed is because of job hiring. Most jobs go from 8-5, so teens wanting to get jobs would have to get up at 7 to get ready. So when they get up early, they are getting prepared for a job. Another reason that schedules shouldn’t be shifted is because teens should be going to bed and not partying. In order to avoid sleepiness, teens should go to bed early. Sleep loss could also be a hazard behind the wheel. It’s estimated that most traffic accidents are caused by drowsy driving.…show more content…
Absences have dropped 15% in Bonneville County, Idaho. Also, standardized test scores have gone up tremendously. But this tells teens it’s okay for teens to stay up late. Think of how this makes their parents look. Although there are many advantages, the disadvantages are out weighing. And, as before, if teens want to get a good job, they should get used to it. It’s all a part of
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