Why Hockey Is Important To Me Essay

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You never really know the true value of something, until you almost loose it. Growing up I was always involved with competitive sports. I would always make the highest-level hockey team that I could for my age group. Hockey has always been something that I was naturally talented at. When I was fourteen I moved one 1,932 Km away from my family, friends, and home to play for a prestigious hockey academy. With being at that academy and around that competitive nature I learnt perseverance, sportsmanship, as well as how to stay humble.

Samuel Johnson once said “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”. With being the youngest on the team, I was passed over multiple times for ice time, sitting out of important games due to the fact that I was the youngest and the newest member to the team. When you get constantly looked over time after time, it takes a toll on
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Throughout the hardships I faced throughout the season, the love of the game, the heart breaks, and the accomplishments and the goals I’ve achieved I’ve learned that I need to stay humble. If I let every failure get to me I wouldn’t be playing NCAA D1 hockey for Post University, I would probably be back home in Winnipeg wondering what could’ve been if I hadn’t quit over the setbacks. In addition, if I let every achievement get to my head I would be arrogant. With that being said being in competitive sports it taught me some valuable life lessons. Being involved in competitive sports has definitely given me life values that I probably wouldn’t have learned elsewhere. In competitive sports, you can learn to overcome to odds, how to interact with people as well to be modest. If I were to play hockey just for fun I probably wouldn’t have the same views and values towards sports. If I had kids I would definitely want to put them into competitive sports, wouldn’t
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