Why Hockey Is Important To Me

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Some abilities that I behold are being able think deeply into in depth questions and I also can think in broad spectrum of thinking. I think what has helped me to excel in Critical thinking is by playing sports.Playing sports has always been part of my life and to this day it has helped me become a better man and also better student. Playing sports has taught me hard work, and even failure. After playing to the best of my ability I was cut from the hockey team that I had been apart of since its beginning. The cut took the wind out of my sail. I was devastated. I got back up knocked the dust off and continued, working very hard to get myself back on the team. I am not the type of person to dwell or complain about what happened to me. It is a life lesson that I learned early on and have grown as a person and player since this happened to me.…show more content…
I made some suggestions and gave him some ideas to better our practices as a team. As I stated before, I took a good look at what was in question as a whole and its depth. The former hockey coach had been riding on the coattails of good hockey players, such as my brother.My brother and I were estatic to play hockey on the same team together for the first time ever. For as long as we had been playing hockey we had never been able to play on the same hockey team due to age.Having my brother and I on the same hockey team is a memory that I will cherish this memory for the rest of my life. Even though my former coach was holding back our hockey program 's potential, I challenged my teammates and school officials in order to make our hockey program better. After a summer of deliberation our school
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