Homework Should Be Banned

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Since 1095 students have been tortured with homework in american school systems. Homework is believed to be created by a school teacher in 1095 by a school teacher Roberto Nevillis. Everyone has faced the inevitable pressure of multiple homework assignments in multiple classes that are all do on the same day. Students are receiving too much homework and there needs to be a limit on how much homework a student can receive each week.
When homework was first established by Roberto Nevillis in 1095, it was established as punishment for his students that would act up. Homework was being invented at roughly the same time as the formal school system in European countries. Homework was frowned upon in america up until the 20th century, parents and
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Instead of giving generalized assignments to students with different needs, a system of specific assignments for students that have the same needs. That may take more work and resources, but if the parents were more involved with the education process, then they could help the teachers make sure they have the necessary information and tools to help each student to best they can. Another solution would be to cut the overall amount of homework is given to students. If a legal limit was placed on the amount of homework was given, it would reduce the amount of health risk in stressed students, and take a particularly large load off the shoulders of parents with multiple kids, and varying ages. A third a final solution would be to get rid of homework countrywide. Countless studies say that with all the homework that is being given, homework has become counter productive. Students don 't do homework to better learn the material, they do it as quickly and easily as possible so to get done before a reasonable hour, or because of jobs, clubs, etc. with enough participation and dedication, homework can be taken from being despised and loathed, to being understood and respected as a little extra practice at…show more content…
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