Why Homework Is Stressful?

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Michelle Lehnard has three sons who each made a perfect score on the ACT. When asked how, one of Michelle’s explanations was their school did not support homework, but wanted the kids to learn new things. Why is this relevant? For over 75 years homework has been a controversial topic through the United States. Many schools throughout the country have made the decision to discontinue homework for effective reasons. Although some argue that homework creates time management and study skills, the stress that comes with homework overruled this. Assigning homework to students is destructive because test scores lower, there is no free time to do new things, and it is stressful. Assigning homework to kids and teens makes their test scores weaken. Recently, a Duke University professor, named Harris Cooper conducted a study about homework. His results showed that students who did homework did worse in school. The work caused low energy physically and mentally, and a negative perspective towards school itself. (Time) If homework is making children have an overload, they are not going to do good on the tests that matter. In addition, if kids do not like school, they will not try. Another experiment was conducted by Richard Walker, a educational psychologist, and its results showed that students test scores go down when they spend more time on homework. (Live Science) When kids spend time on homework and not studying, there test scores will go down. They will get worn down causing them
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