Why, Honey Short Story Summary

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Why, honey is a short story written by Raymond Carver. The story is written in basic English and is not hard to read. The themes in the story are trust and fear. The story is a letter which is written by a woman whose name is not mentioned and she tells about her relations with her son. It is clear that the woman is afraid of her son and the power he has. It is not said who is the receiver of the letter either, but we can assume that he was somewhat close to the mother and her son, because he had asked her about her son before in a letter. She was surprised to receive a letter from him, but she also expresses her relief to tell somebody about her worries. She writes in the letter that her son was good in school and that is something that the consignee of the letter should already know, if he knew her son at all. So from this we could guess that he is someone from their past. In the letter the mother tells how she found her son lying to her in many occasions, but didn 't put too much worries to it at first. Her neighbour had seen two boys harm the narrators cat so much that it died. The neighbour suspected that it was the narrators ́ son, but he denied it. When he started to work, her mother asked him how much he had earned and he told her that he had earned eighty dollars, but when she was doing his washing she had found only 28 dollars from his…show more content…
After the car episode it starts to be more clear that the narrator is afraid of her son. One night when she can 't sleep, so she goes to her sons ́ room, but he starts to yell at her and complains how she keeps on spying on him. The next day he kind of apologies by showing her an essay he had written, which happens to be the same one he got credit for in his graduation, but when she tells him that he has to show her some respect and consideration, he tells her to kneel down to him. She gets scared and locks herself to her room. This is the last time she spoke to her son, because that night he packed his things and
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