Why Huckleberry Finn Should Be Banned Essay

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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, why this book written by Mark Twain should be on the banned books list in schools and why it is too mature for it’s students. This book is full of situations that honesty students are not able to handle, leaving inappropriate impressions about racism and how to treat people and is going to cause teenagers and young adults to repeat the language and personalities seen in this, to other groups of this century that are fitting now The problem with Adventures of Huckleberry Finn isn’t that it is a bad book, not that maybe it is poorly written or isn’t a learning experience. The fact of the matter is that students do not hold the attention span or mental capacity to be forced to deal with this. While some may use to excuse that high school students may have enough knowledge over these situations, or if explained, people would enjoy the moral of the story more, that is not always the case. Students in high school already are expected so much of. Having at least 6 other classes and those worries on their mind. Kids don’t have the time to be able to look up everything they don’t know. Things that frustrate students and put them off are being forced to do so much outside of class and having to look…show more content…
Racism is just as strong today with muslims and other people of colour now as it was a hundred years ago. The excuse history won’t repeat itself if we know what happened, how it happened and why. History still repeats, and it will repeat with the targeted groups changing to fit that of the century. But a book using complicated language being force read to students with no background over the book isn’t going to teach anything other than to hate the love of reading and to skip past the view that Huckleberry Finn was supposed to be the example of being better and less racist than everyone else in the
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