The Importance Of Spying In Colombia

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Everything started out as a nice, relaxing day as I walked through my new surroundings, studying the culture of the area, due to this being a vacation where I could hopefully learn more about the world. The people seemed nice, the scenery looked beautiful and things just appeared to be pretty normal, until I finally walked upon a factory, that also taught me a lot about the world, but not in the way I had hoped. There happened to be windows so I decided to look through when I see a bunch of small children working on the items being sold, exhaustion running all throughout their bodies, as a man just sits there observing a job well done. Not only were the children suffering on the outside, but their minds were most likely going to be greatly…show more content…
The rebels have used boys and girls as combatants and spies, and to plant mines.” As stated, thousands of kids are fighting in rebel groups and they use the children accordingly to do whatever jobs they needed to do to win the war. This supports the claim that humanitarian problems hurt people mentally and physically because the physical distress being thrown upon these children is that they have to risk their lives being spies, which can, in time, get them killed if they are caught spying by their enemies, and when the kids have to plant mines, that could lacerate their skin, or if a bomb were to go off when placing the mine, that could leave them permanently…show more content…
The second reason why the claim holds true is because the problem of genocide causes many people to either get killed or have to reinvent their entire lives. As I recall back to my time when I past by the factory where children were doing hard labor, I was trying to think back to other times in the world where other problems involving the welfare of humans, but I realized that no matter what happens, someone will always get hurt, because someone can die, or they can drive themselves insane due to the amount of hatred they have for a place. Consequently, without having anyone know about the mental and physical effects of humanitarian problems, the problems might never be addressed, which means the past will just always repeat itself, and that alone could potentially drive someone crazy. To preclude anymore people from hurting themselves in the inside or on the outside, there should just be no more events that result in the killings of people, but because that it almost impossible, the least that could happen as a solution to this problem would be to try and make sure child laws aren’t being broken, or illegal crimes aren’t going

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