Why Humanitarian Problems Hurt People

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Everything started out as a nice, relaxing day as I walked through my new surroundings, studying the culture of the area, due to this being a vacation where I could hopefully learn more about the world. The people seemed nice, the scenery looked beautiful and things just appeared to be pretty normal, until I finally walked upon a factory, that also taught me a lot about the world, but not in the way I had hoped. There happened to be windows so I decided to look through when I see a bunch of small children working on the items being sold, exhaustion running all throughout their bodies, as a man just sits there observing a job well done. Not only were the children suffering on the outside, but their minds were most likely going to be greatly affected in the future because they won’t have an education, which will lead to a less than satisfying life. By the time I moved on from that horrible sight, it made me wonder how many other people in the world are affected mentally and physically by other issues similar to child labor. All around the world, in the past and present, there have been many occurrences that hurt people both on the outside, but also on the inside and they all involve any generation of humans getting hurt in some way. Consequently, humanitarian problems similar to the one stated, hurt people physically and mentally, The reason why humanitarian problems hurt people mentally and physically is because in the two articles, children were being forced to be soldiers

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