Personal Essay On Becoming A Physician

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Becoming a physician is not merely a career choice, but rather the pursuit of what I believe is my vocation. Along with my passion for medical physiology, and diligence in academic and professional settings, I am goal-oriented, social, astute, ethical, and morally upright. Additionally, I am well rounded in the arts and sciences, and thus able to interact with people of various interests. Although these qualities, I am convinced, are indispensable, I believe that a life of complete service and personal edification is what a physician should live by. I have exhibited these attributes throughout my life experiences and educational career. Life in college was challenging in ways that stressed my abilities. Due to persistent financial issues, I…show more content…
Consequently, I resolve to dedicate my career to one of service in and out of the clinical setting. Throughout my education and life experiences, I have grown to uphold the complexities of human life, especially in its developmental stages. I, like every person, was born furnished with unique faculties that required a nurturing and healthy environment in order to flourish. I was born into a modest family in Ghana, and although I was not raised in poverty, my parents worked arduously to ensure that our basic needs were met. Due to a sequence of fortunate events, I was able to access opportunities in the United States that molded and shaped my personal values. I stand as a testament to the importance of investing in the younger generation, regardless of background. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of my peers and younger people in my hometown can usually only imagine such opportunities. I intend to ameliorate this situation by establishing a medical practice in my hometown, which is a rural village among a collection of other communities. This facility, in collaboration with a library and a cultural center, will work in a network that will provide quality healthcare, mentorship, global exposure, and education especially to the younger generations. As a result, they will be able to access opportunities to develop their unique abilities and passions in a nurturing
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