Why I Believe In Religion

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I still remember the first day at my elementary school, it still makes me wonder why some things are the way they are. I went into my first class and to introduce myself the teacher told me to tell everyone some basic information about me. I started off by saying simple stuff like my age, name, previous hometown, hobbies, and favorite subjects. But then the teacher asked me what religion I believe in, for whatever reason I guess that mattered. My mindset is that I believe in God, but I don't believe in religion. So my answer to the teachers question was no religion. I remember seeing everyone with shocked faces after my answer. We we're all so young and to this day I don't know why so many of my classmates were judging me for that. I guess since their parents force a religion onto them, they expect everyone else to have a religion. I thought my parents pushing me to believe in their religion was enough pressure, but now, am I also being pushed by society to believe in religion?
I knew I wasn't the only person that didn't believe in religion, I was the only one that said it, others didn't because they just wanted to follow the wave of believing in a
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Since I still believe in God can I be considered religious? A large portion of Muslims are like me, and even the ones that aren't break the rules during special ceremonies. For example, during a wedding everyone is so graceful in the beginning but at the end some of them drank alcohol to have fun. These people still consider themselves as muslims and as religious regardless of that day, but the same article from gale states that a muslim should not break any of the rules, not even for one day, if they want to consider themselves
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