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The field of study I chose to go with is business. I chose business as my major for various reasons. The first reason why I chose this major is because of the opportunities and room for growth. The second reason why I chose business is because I want to become a management consultant. The last reason why I chose business is because there is always something new to learn. The first reason why I chose business is because of the opportunities and the room for growth. There are many opportunities in business for the obvious reason that everything starts with a business. In order for a new idea to come into play, there has to be a business to sell it to the public. And in order for a business to be made and ran properly there needs to be…show more content…
This is when I decided to go with a BS in Management. Before I chose my major I knew I wanted to become a management consultant. I chose to major in management because that is what most management consultant jobs require. The reason why I want to be a management consultant is because they get a chance to work in all departments of a company. The main job is to make a business run more efficiently without making major changes or spending millions of dollar. From doing research on management consultants and looking at job consultants it is something I would like to due. Although there are lots of challenges and long work hours I look forward to taking on the challenge. It is an enjoyable job because it's like a game you gotta accomplish something with limited resources. The add extra benefits of being a management consultant is traveling and performance bonuses.

The final reason why I went with a business related degree is because there is always something new to learn. For example, a management consultant always deals with different issues in a variety of businesses. It is always a different environment with different companies. One big reason why someone will always learn something new in management consultancy is the factor of working with all sorts of different people from all types of backgrounds, countries, and ethnicities. This applies to every job in business.
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This is something I will be happy with all my life and I will not regret getting this degree. I believe this degree will play a bigger role for me because my ultimate life goal is to open up a used car dealer. I know I could open up a business with any degree but, I will be ahead of the game because other owners won't have as much knowledge as me in business terms. And the ultimate thing for me is that I will be able to help out employees that work for me because I will know what type of work they are
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