Why I Chose College Essay

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A college education is very important for me to obtain the career I want. College will provide me the knowledge and practice I need to be successful. Going to college will help me get accustomed to the pressure of the real world and will give me the opportunity to become independent. Graduating college is my number one goal in life. It would be an awarding payoff for all the hard work and dedication to my studies throughout high school. It would also help me in the future to obtain a rewarding career. My dream is to major in environmental engineering and eventually go to graduate school to earn my PHD. Studying environmental engineering would directly help me in the career I want because I want to work at the Environmental Protection Agency. …show more content…

This includes helping you get accustomed to the workload you will have in the career because sometimes you will have to stay up late to finish work and study. College will also give you exposure to special and expensive labs and technologies. It also gives you the basic information you need to know and understand. Without a higher education, I would not have those same resources. Lastly, college will help me learn how to be on my own. I will gain responsibility because I no longer have my parents by my side to cook my meals, clean my room and clothes, or wake me up every morning to go to class. I will be exposed more to life as an adult while making new friends and exploring my interests. In college, there can be many distractions like parties, but I will have to concentrate and study instead of going out. I want to get the best education I can for myself so when I start my career I can be prepared. My mother was not able to go to a university when she graduated high school because she became pregnant with me. Because of her struggles, she has always instilled in me that graduating from a four-year university is the most important thing to do in my life. If I went to college, I would have a bright and successful future because I would be fully developed into a responsible and well-rounded young

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