Why I Chose Community College

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Waking up in the middle of the night, laying on my bed thinking “Was it a dream or is it real? What did I get myself into? and Why did I decide to do this? Going to Community College back in 2006 was already a big accomplishment for me, not only financially but emotionally, in my point of view. Important people such as my mom and friends helped me get to where I was at that time. Lots of the support and motivation that I received through family and friends assisted me in achieving my goal, which was Graduating with AA in Early Childhood Education.
Once again my mom and now my husband along with my children were going to be my support system to be able to achieve my goal to Graduate with my B.A in Liberal Studies. I want to be an Elementary
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The first thing I needed was to pursue more education. I needed my B.A in Liberal Studies to be able to get my teaching credentials. Sharing my new goals and inspirations with my family was the first step, after sharing with my family my plans of pursuing more education, I immediately received lots of support and enjoyment through them. I had been the only person in a family of two children to graduated from a Community College, but now I was going further in my education, they were definitely proud of me. I was going to be the first to graduate from an University, that 's something my mom as a single mother wished she had accomplished. Being the first one in my family to graduate was a big pressure for me as well as a motivation. I had the pressure to make my family proud and to set a good example for my children to follow. Thinking about it, the pressure was not only that, but it was also learning to juggle my full time job, with family and school. That was definitely the challenging pressure I was putting on myself. Their support slowly turned into pressure because they were all going out of there ways to help me achieve my goals, so the pressure of graduating and achieving my goals was 100% more. I think that the main reason to pursue my career was getting behind, and the pressure of not letting my family down was leading the way. Taking the first step of applying to San Francisco State was a big one to take. I was committing myself to giving my all to accomplish my goals, but it felt satisfying. Going through all the process made it more real. I was ready and there was no
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