Why I Chose Medical School Essay

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During my time at CI I would like to be involved in school by joining extracurricular activities, organizations and clubs. In hopes that I will meet a lot of new people and gain skills that I can’t gain in a classroom setting. Although my main goal is to graduate in four years with my Bachelors of Science Degree. As well as maintaining good grades throughout all four years. I’m unsure of what career I want to pursue so I want to be able to maintain high grades so that I can have more options available to me. In case I want to go to Medical School or a pharmacy school. Which are two routes that I am considering to pursue.

I believe that education is important and that it will help me live a comfortable life in the future. My motivation for wanting to get a degree is watching how hard my parents work every day. They work long hours and come home completely exhausted. Their minimum wage jobs barely pay for the mortgage payment, bills, food, and other essentials. They argue to each other about money issues and blame one another for spending too much money.

That 's why I want to continue my education so that I won’t end up as stressed out as my parents when I am older. I don’t want to be pulling out my hair. I want to be able to have a job that I love while making enough money to where i 'm not
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I am a first generation student with no one to guide me through my time at CSUCI. I don’t have a lot of knowledge of what I should expect from going to a university besides the little information that I have been told in high school and what I have researched. Therefore, I know I will have a lot of questions about school and how things work. It will be difficult to find someone whom I can depend on if I ever need help as well as keeping me on the right track as far as taking the right classes and making sure I do reach my goal of graduating in four
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