Why I Chose Nursing

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1) Why did I choose nursing as a profession? When I was younger I was very ill and at that time it was not known whether I would survive. However, I was able to survive and exceed the expectation of the prognosis of the condition. Since then my family and I have always been grateful towards the medical profession and my experience drove me to volunteering as a H.E.L.P. Volunteer at Abington Memorial Hospital. Even though I only had brief conversations with each patient, I always met at least one person who would make me smile, give me something to reflect upon and touch my heart. Through volunteering, my passion for medicine grew and drove me to become a nursing assistant. As a nursing assistant I further developed the techniques for communicating and interacting…show more content…
My greatest strength that I will bring to nursing is my ability to easily build relationships. Through volunteering I developed my communication and interaction skills by interacting with patients. I further developed these skills while working as a nursing assistant. I established good relationships with many of my residents and many of my fellow coworkers. My caring nature made it easier to establish a good relationship with people. My friends and family all know that they can count on me to help them out. 4) What do I think will be the hardest part of nursing? I think the hardest part of nursing will be that no matter how much you care about patients there will be some patients that you will not be able to help or save. I know that I will come across patients that no matter how much I educate them about their bad life choices they will not change. I also know that there will be patients that no matter how hard I try I will not be able to save them. These two things will be the hardest part of nursing as it will be difficult to see a patient pass away or not being able to do my duty as a nurse to help them live a better
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