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Kailee Katt There are many reasons why I have chosen to pursue a profession in healthcare, mainly because I enjoy helping others, I am very personable, and I like to make an impact on the lives of others. However, the primary reason why I want to become a nurse is because of past influences. My mother, and both grandmothers have all been in the medical field as nurses, but the one person who has had the most influence on me, is my doctor, Chris Chapman. He is like a grandfather to me, and truly has had an impact on my life. He has been my doctor for as long as I can remember, due to my mother being his nurse. I have never seen a doctor who is so compassionate towards his patients, and who conditionally cares about them. And for that reason, he has really inspired me. I have always enjoyed going to the clinic for my annual exams, because I knew I would see my friend. In and out of the clinic, he would come and support me, whether it is in my studies, my sporting events, or fulfilling my dreams. I have never really had a connection with anyone else outside my family like that, and I have never seen a man care so much about people. He…show more content…
Scholastica with my RN, I will find the healthcare facility that I will call my home. I would like to work in the pediatrics or obstetrics part of a healthcare facility, and treat all of my patients with the utmost of care. I will make a special connection with each one of them, and show them compassion and respect. The career goal that I have, is to become the best nurse that I can be. I want to make an impact on each patient’s life, and to try and influence them to follow their dreams, and to care for their health. I do not want my patients to dread going to the doctor, I want them to have excitement over it. I want them to take control of their lives by the knowledge I will provide them. I will do that by doing my job to the best of my ability, and yet be known as a friend to my
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