Why I Chose Nursing School

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My kindergarten teacher always called me the mother hen of her class. She called me that because I would always make sure others were doing what they were supposed to be doing and I would make sure that everyone was okay and happy. For example, if someone got sick in class, I would constantly ask them if they needed anything, and I would get it for them. Since then I’ve always wanted to be a nurse; I want to help others. There are many personal experiences I can relate to nursing. For example my high school classes and my job. My classes consist of A.P chemistry and advanced math, which is highly beneficial for nursing. Chemistry is essential for nursing because it is important to get a basic understanding on how thing become the way they are. My current job I work for as a caretaker; taking care of residents. My job consists of checking their blood, taking their temperature, giving baths, giving medication, cooking, keeping them company, and making sure they are satisfied. I love my job because I know I am helping them; I am making their lives easier. The main reason why I want to go into nursing is because…show more content…
In freshman year, my mother divorced my father which led to him abusing me. I didn’t tell anyone for some time. I did not want sympathy. I thought it wouldn’t happen again. Soon after things got really out of control, I told my mom. She immediately got me out of that environment. After getting into the right environment, with my mom, I overcame the depression and self-harm that came with being abused for so long. I am happy things turned out the way they did. It taught me to express my feelings; crying is okay; being upset is okay. Even though life gave me curve balls, I maintained grade point averages above 3.5 making me on high honor roll. I got a job in a field that is somewhat similar to my life-long dream job; a nurse. I am happy and no longer

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