Why I Chose Social Work Essay

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On a day like this I think to myself what does life have in store for me? Here I’m going to write about what I hope as I begin taking Social Work courses. I hope to pass all of my courses and graduate one day with my bachelor’s degree from Heritage University. I also hope that after graduating Heritage, I find a job so I can save up money and attend a master’s program because college is not cheap. I want to attend Walla Walla University and graduate from there as well, with a Master’s in Social Work. All of this will be accomplished by first passing all my courses here at heritage and one think will lead to the next as if we were to play follow the leader. Also I hope to meet new friends here at Heritage and out in the work field. There has been one good friend that I’ve known on my journey here at Heritage and her name is Vanessa Ochoa, I can say we are two peas in a pod because we are always together at school and it’s great that she is also in the social work program. I’ve known her ever since I started college back…show more content…
Ever since I graduated High school they kept pushing me like if I was one a swing, to keep going and I did, I attended Heritage University. I did not want to be far away from my parents and sister, so Heritage was the best option I had. My parents have been my every day inspiration because every day they work so hard to bring food and keep a roof under our heads and I am very thankful for that. That’s why I’m here going to school and trying my best to graduate and become someone later, so they can be glad that I achieved and didn’t back out. We have to follow the path because that path never ends it might have rough edges and bumps, but as long as you believe you will soon get to your destination. We have to be strong and believe that everything is possible, because it
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