Why I Chose Social Work

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I chose the social work industry because I felt that this occupation was a great. By mastering the techniques with clients it gives them something to look forward to and it improved self-esteem. It gives such a great feeling that pushes you forward to doing this job. You never know what’s going on in a person’s personal life, so the act of kindness or a simple smile to a stranger might mean the world to them. Social work has always appeared to be a very enriching and interesting topic for me. A few components of my life have inspired me to pursue a Master’s degree in social work. Several of my relatives, mainly my aunt and sister, stimulated an interest in social work by sharing stories of their practice. My sister has worked as a social…show more content…
Become something great no matter what circumstances they are raised in I firmly believe that each child has the potential to experience the world even in their most behavioral situation. Many children grow up in counterproductive and even unsafe home. Each child that can be removed from adverse situation is one more child that can discover their own potential. If social workers are dedicated to the success of all children as a tribute to their potential they will succeed. I believe that a degree in social work will give a person the skill and resources that they need to achieve their personal and career goals. I feel as if social workers have the passion to help and support those who cannot do it themselves. A degree in Social Work will allow many to better manage time and resources in order to help as many parents and children as possible. A social worker always has a unique opportunity for helping their parents and children in a way that no one will be able to do. Knowing that social workers are making a difference in a child’s life is one thing that constantly makes the job rewarding and I feel like they wait for such an opportunity for enhancing their skills in this field. There are many reasons someone may want to enter this occupation, but one major reason is to educate and listen to the client’s perspective on certain things they handle in life. Most social work is in it just for the money, but it is more than just money…show more content…
All social work should provide proper and personal care to clients to help clients enhance and improve physical ability to interact around others. Also, they should ensure and safety for the client. Working with clients to improve and enhance his or her social development. One of the most important parts of the job is ensuring that everything is done to keep the client safe and comfortable. Before beginning a career in the social work field you must first have the minimum educational requirement of Bachelor of Social Work. The fact that attitudes and values are learned presents us with our greatest hopes for the future. We can help children to learn and to explore to seek ways of behaving that will satisfy them as individuals as well as satisfy and improve society. Inadequate or maladaptive behavior can be corrected. New, more useful behavior can be encouraged. We need to help children to understand themselves better to understand others, to determine how they feel, how the got that way, what alternatives they can muster, and to project the consequences of their feelings and points of view. -from the
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