Why I Chose To Become An Immigrant

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Ever since I can remember, I have always felt a calling to serve my country. One of the reasons for my calling of service has been the influence of my family throughout my childhood. My father was a lieutenant in the Army National Guard prior to being injured and placed a high importance on honor and commitment. In addition, one of my Great Grandfathers was a Marine Captain in the Pacific Theatre during WWII and my other Great Grandfather was seriously injured during the Battle of Guam. As a child, I looked up to my dad and grandparents because I knew that they had taken a stand to protect our country. The values of respect, honor, and selflessness were instilled upon me from a young age. Each of these values has played a key role in who I am today. Growing up, I always chose the hardest path because I knew that, in the long run, it would pay off. For example, in middle school, when most kids were still sleeping, I was either lifting weights or getting an extra hour of studying in. No matter the situation or task at hand, I always give my very best effort. I believe that things are not worth doing unless one puts forth everything they have. Having the opportunity to attend one of the United States service academies is the best way for me to fulfill what I believe in. The …show more content…

I feel that the best way to do so is to attend one of the service academies. I understand that the service academy life is rigorous and demanding. They try to push you past your limits. That challenge is what motivates me. Pushing oneself past the limits they have in their mind is how character is built. I look forward to the opportunity to meet the challenges head-on; embracing the struggle. Upon taking my commission, it is my goal to make a career out of the military. I see attending one of the United States Military Academies as being the ultimate opportunity for me to work with others to lead and to serve our

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