Why I Deserve A Scholarship Essay

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My name is Isheta Srivastava. As a dedicated, hard-working and a consistent student, I deserve to earn the scholarship. I describe myself to be a strong headed independent girl who firmly believes that it’s my responsibility to succeed in life and contribute towards the society.
I am believer of the quote “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars”. I am focussed and have clear goals in life. I give everything I have to fulfil my goals. If I fall short of efforts, I go that extra mile to achieve the aim. I put in my hundred percent. My aim in life have always been high. The zeal that I have to achieve makes me a deserving candidate for the scholarship.
I am committed to pursue a career in legal field. I have always been came across as an individual who
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The course that I have chosen takes time and money. As you know, that Queen Mary University, School of Law is expensive but an investment that is definitely valuable. This scholarship will help me complete my masters with excellency, as I will be able to concentrate solely on earning perfect grades. This scholarship will make a huge difference in my path of achieving my dream, not only financially but also personally. It would not only help me but also my family by big numbers financially.
I greatly appreciate your consideration. If I am awarded with scholarship, I will continue to be a persistent, unique and dedicated individual. I will represent Queen Mary University of London well during my years in college and beyond. I will be an asset to the program as I would bring a unique perspective of someone born, raised and educated in India. And will intermix it with the knowledge I will gain from your program. This will expand the horizons. I will use my degree to share my knowledge and contribute to the society. The scholarship will help me to turn my ultimate dream into
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