Why I Eat So Many Lobster Dishes

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One of my enjoyable dishes is the lobsters. I like many kinds of lobsters from the warm-water lobsters to the cold-water lobsters. When I travel to any beach, I also hope I can eat all lobster dishes. One of my memorable trips in my life was to Binh Ba island, Viet Nam. I had eaten a delicious tasting there.
This was a trip in summer of 2015. I went with some close friends to Binh Ba island, Viet Nam. This is a small island with more than 5.000 people. Most people of the island were working in the seafood industry. They raised many lobsters in a big trap which was put it down under the surface of the ocean. When I went to visit around the island, I saw more than 100 this big cages. This was the main economy of some local people there. I could choose
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The lobsters were larger than my hand. Their backs had a light green color. I suggested the lobsters were to be steamed in beer. My friends and I were talking together while we were waiting for the food. At that time, I had heard the sound of the raw lobsters jumping into the pot, and I began to smell a delicious taste of lobster which made me not concentrate on the conversation. When the chef brought the dish to my table, the lobsters with the red cover were steaming as the small red ships were steaming to float in the ocean. The chef cut the lobsters into two parts, so I could see the white meat inside. The chef gave me a mix of salt, pepper, and lemon to eat with the lobsters. I can feel the sweet taste of lobster with the sour taste of lemon and spicy taste of pepper. Every taste was mixed together to create

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