Why I Grateful To My Community Analysis

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pg1, Why I’m grateful for my community you ask? Why am I grateful for my community I ask myself? Well there are actually many reasons to why I like and am grateful to live in my community. This essay is going to talk about those reasons why I think Delta Utah my community is great and why I’m grateful for it. So here it goes this is my essay about how and why I am grateful for this community.
First, Delta Utah is the greatest community in my opinion because of its people. The people in Delta Utah are nice and grateful. Delta Utah’s people are grateful to others in the town as well. They try to help out in any way they can to others that is why I think we the people of Delta Utah are awesome and nice. Also the town is very small. I think this
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Some people might say I’m crazy to love snow I’m sure my sister tells me all the time but it’s what I like. So deal with for a little while. The nature in Delta is another thing I like about this city. The animals are also great even the coyotes don’t disturb me from sleeping. Okay that sounded creepy, but it’s true if you live as far away from the city as I do then you hear coyotes howling at night. Sometimes only sometimes. Freedom in Delta is just the same as any other towns freedom just a little more freedom is let in this town than in others. Well this is in my opinion I’m very grateful for this community for giving my parents obs so they can earn money and sustain me and my family and to feed us. Can’t forget that food is important. I’m not going to say there are no jobs in Delta because there are it’s just that for me I think I’m going somewhere overseas. The jobs in Delta are something I should be grateful for because the jobs in Delta Utah are going to pay off my education and of a scholarship to. I’am grateful for the jobs in Delta Utah. The education here is another thing that I’m grateful for of this community. The education they give me here is enough to get me a scholarship for college. The computer class my sister is taking in high school makes me dream to when I get there and take that same class. I also envision an older me working hard in a good job in Delta that also pays well. Right now I’m learning about technology and career awareness it’s preparing me future. This is an example that shows why I’m grateful for the education the school of this community gives me. I’m grateful for the calmness of this city to. The cities calmness helps relax sometimes when I’m in a hurry to somewhere. My relatives from out of town say the traffic in Delta is slow because they are used to fast traffic and highways but I’m not. I speak defensively for Delta and say, “Delta’s

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