Why I Hate English Classes

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I believe composition is a required course because it will help us put our thoughts into words and communicate in an effective and hopefully intelligent manner. Also there will always be times where you won’t be able to talk with someone face to face, whether it’s an email to a professor, or a letter to a possible employer. If you are not able to communicate effectively you will most likely not make a good lasting impression. If everyone were were to take a composition class then a lot of problems in households and in workplaces could be avoided. Personally the benefits I will get from this class has to be that it will teach me to write something that doesn’t just make it seem like I am rambling on about a topic and make it so I can write something I’ll be able to appreciate.
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The reasons I disliked English changed for various reasons over the years. All through elementary school I disliked it because I wasn’t good at comprehending the things they would give us to read and I struggled with putting things into words. Although my sister helped in a huge way by reading me books and getting me to appreciate literature. By middle school I enjoyed reading a book every now and then but despised classes because the teachers forced me to read books I didn 't want to read and I was still poor in writing skills that I hadn’t taken time to learn the previous years. By my freshman year my main hobby was reading books although it wasn’t until my junior year that I actually started getting involved and asking my teachers how to do things the correct way. I have to admit that I still dislike writing because I feel what I write down is never exactly the way I want it
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