Why I Hate Reading

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As far back as I can remember I was able to read with ease. I loved reading! Nothing beat getting lost in a good book. So, I have struggled to understand why some people hate reading so much. Now as a mother of a struggling reader my perspective has changed. There have been countless nights of me, chasing down my son, to fight through a book in order to get through his 20-minute reading requirement for school. And let me tell you it was torture, for the both of us! This nightly event turned reading into a monster to be avoided at all costs, not something to enjoy. The frustration and pain of failing takes its toll on struggling readers and slowly it was defeating my son. Research suggests that the single greatest factor in helping struggling readers read better more exposure to reading. However, in my experience struggling readers do not particularly enjoy reading and defiantly do not want to do extra reading in their free time. I know from personal experience with my own child it was extremely difficult to get him to try doing extra reading at home without starting a huge fight. It is heartbreaking to watch your child cry over trying to read and tell you they are “too…show more content…
There are a great deal of strategies and techniques available to help motivate students, but where do you begin? Through my countless hours navigating this issue on the internet, I was fortunate to discover the article The Four Keys to Motivating Struggling Readers by Stacy Hurst and I felt that it to be particularly helpful. This article reinforces everything we have been learning in our time at Tarleton and supports the four key factors of motivating struggling readers. It states the factors and lists several strategies that a teacher or parent can implement into action. Simply stated, these four key factors break down to
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