Why I Killed Pluto Mike Brown Analysis

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Mike Brown, from my point of view is a man with exceptional aspiration for astronomy. He was motivated in the finding of a new plant that he knew was out there, waiting to be found. Foremost this would show his personality and how likeable he was. Certain key aspects in his reading display obscure representation that showed who he was. In the beginning it was puzzling trying to find his nature, due to he talked about his childhood. On a moderately few occasions, such as the rooftop of Berkeley, talking to Diane, and organized gatherings, I based my judgment on Mr. Browns persona. My general gathering from reading the book “Why I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming” by Mike Brown, I was able to grasp an understanding of his personal character. In the…show more content…
Rather shy at first, Mike took notice and started a conversation that lasted for some time. His boldness that day developed a trickling effect that would ultimately lead him to purposing to Diane. For an extended period of time Mike and Diane would take trips, engaging in lengthy conversations. At one point Mr. Brown was on the verge of a new finding, this made him a person of interest at an award ceremony. Everyone wanted to meet Mr. Brown, who seemed extremely overjoyed with the actions of everyone towards him. Things of this nature show that Mr. Brown is a reasonably pleasant man who does not carry too much displeasure in his charisma. After a number of occasions, what I was able to read I found Mr. Brown to a likeable man. His demeanor was hard to recognize at first, but showed later on in the chapters. I was able to identify the type of person he was through several interactions presented in the book. Being confided in by colleagues is a sign of respect in opinion. Additionally being able to interact socially in a group or one on one environment. Mr. brown was a mainly my belief was a personable man in the eyes of
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