Why I Live In Canada Essay

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Why you should live in canada instead of the USA


There are many reasons why Canada is better than the United States. gun control or the lack of it in the USA's case is a good example of why are the better country. Also we are much healthier and safer which makes us the better place to live. There are a lot more reasons why you should come and live in Canada

Gun control is something that needs to be regulated in all countries but especially in the United States. Firstly we have laws in Canada to regulate the usage of guns so not everyone can purchase them. Secondly there are 5 gun homicides every day in the USA where as in Canada there is not even 1 a day. Lastly the licenses needed to purchase firearms in Canada is much more difficult to obtain whereas in the USA all you need is your driver's licence and you can purchase firearms. I'm glad guns are regulated.

Statistics show that Canada is a much healthier place than the United States. Firstly in Canada every person who is a canadian citizen has access to healthcare this is very different in the states where if you get sick and need to be treated by a doctor you may have to pay up to $5000 if you don't have the $1000 insurance. Secondly there is a lot more obesity in the USA for reasons such as there are more fast food restaurants such as
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Firstly there is more terrorism in the United States than in Canada I can name two that almost everyone knows the Boston marathon and 911 but most people my age don't know or can't remember any terrorist attacks in Canada which is a good thing. Secondly Canada has a reputation as international peacekeepers and we have never started a war since we officially became a country in 1867 where as America has started and taken part in many conflicts they even started a war in Iraq without enough proof to do so. I hope the Canada will continue to be a safe and peaceful
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