Why I Love Wrestling Persuasive Essay

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Outside of school I spend most of my time doing the same three things. Fortunately I’m passionate about all of them. Hunting is something I love a lot. When I’m not shooting deer from a tree stand, I’m making money somehow working whatever job I can get my hands on. Aside from those two I enjoy wrestling and training for wrestling. Getting to spend your day outside when it's -20 degrees out probably doesn't sound very appealing to people who aren't use to it. I have always loved hunting, especially deer hunting. Hunting allows me to get away from everything like school, people and so on. Grabbing some hot coco and walking out to your stand at the crack of dawn is what I look forward to every year. Even if I come home empty handed it was well worth the peace and sanctuary the outdoors provide. I think it's something everyone should experience whether…show more content…
Wrestling is one of the few things I look forward to in the winter. It's the hardest sport I’ve ever done and that's why I continue to do it. It's mentally and physically challenging and I love it. It requires you to be a very hard worker and teaches you that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Getting your hand raised after days of cutting weight for one match is one of the best feelings I have yet to experience. The saying “Pain is temporary. Victory is forever” perfectly describes the atmosphere of wrestling in my eyes. As ordinary and simple as my passions may seem, they are what I love doing and help prepare me for my future. Learning how important money is and how to use your banking account is vital. Spending hours outdoors helps relieve stress and offers your very own “quiet place.” Finally, the competition of and constantly working out and practicing helps make the rest of my life seem easy and manageable. In the end, all that matters is that you enjoy whatever passion you take part
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